I sell supplies for F&B industry, besides ads on Google and F&B trade media, what are other more cost effective ways to get acquire new customers in this niche? My customers are restaurants, cafes, bars, food trucks.

Wow! Good question. The way is endless and could yield you so much. Think of innovation and creativity. These are just some ideas that I used and it worked and cost less and yield much profit. Depending on where you are some might not work but for what it's worth give some a try. Crowd gathering would have been ideal, but since we are in a pandemic try some of the others. Depends on how wide you intend your product to go, how far will you go.
a) Posters and flyers distribution.
b) Use your directory and connect either through phone, email or drop off.
c) Sample products to prospected clients.
d) Parish to parish, city to city or state to state drive through promotion.
e) You can put an advert on your vehicle with all the details.
There are other creative methods. Try these and let me know.
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Answered a year ago

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