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Let's talk about the dues founders pay for neglecting their health. Pushing yourself too much, putting your body through so much pressure, and then ignoring the warning signs as they come, you’re unconsciously trading your life for the success of your company.

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The effort we put into our startup is a sacrifice in all forms and shapes, to the extent of spending less time with family, neglecting our health, or even getting a pay cut just to keep the business rolling. So, what happens when things work for everyone else but not for you?

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Meet the hosts
Wil SchroterFounder + CEO,

Wil is a serial Founder having launched 9 companies over 25+ years, 3 being venture funded and 4 having been sold. He generally argues that Founders need to take a much different view of how to build startups.

Ryan RutanFounding Partner + CMO,

Ryan is a serial founder with 5 companies spanning 3 continents, 20 years and 2 exits. He generally argues with Wil.

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