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Almarie Campbell Preacher, Seer, Prophetess & Author. BA in Theology with a minor in leadership & ministry. Advance Diploma in Brain & Behaviour. Passionate about empowering others for greatness. I am a mentor, life coach and a trainer encouraging persons to find the purpose and to fulfill their destiny. A seer and prophet who operates in the prophetic and is gifted in dreams, visions and biblical interpretation. Has ministered both in the Caribbean and on the international sphere for over 12 years. Has done seminars and conferences on deliverance & healing, spiritual warfare, intercession, dreams and visions and spiritual interpretation. Author of 2 books on the above: Title of the books: a) The Prophetic Ministry-God's seed and harvest (currently sold on Amazon) b) Which Piece of your armour is missing? Will be released on Amazon in June( Book gives deep insight of Covid-19 and the comparison with the armour of God) Former Radio co-host who has graced the Jamaica populace with deep spiritual insights on dreams/visions/ end time prophecies and other current and relevant issues. Former Retails Sales Manager with over 37yrs of experience in branch management in one of the most successful retail groups in Jamaica. Have worked with a dynamic team to raise the bar both in customer service and sales to bring service above and beyond to both internal & external customers. Have an excellent track record in team synergy and product and profit for the growth of the company and the economy

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Many people out there have the same questions and maybe the same skill set as yours. But first let me first ask you the following. >What are you good at? What do you have a passion for? What do you find yourself doing the most? What do you find yourself doing the most of? What do you enjoy doing the most? Do persons often come to you for advise and do you often pull from the reservoir of info that you have on the matter? How do they respond when you furnish them with the required solution? How does that make you feel?
All these are questions which will help you know where you want to go. I notice your skill sets and yes you could do consulting, but if you are not passionate and sold on it there might be a challenge.
The areas are also marketing tools and also can work for public relations as well.
There is always a market for what you are offering ...set up a platform;advertise, introduce and promote what you have to offer.
Why not register with clarity and offer your expertise advise on this platform.

Congrats on you writing a book or even think about writing. I have publish two books myself and they are currently sold on the Amazon & Barnes and Noble platform. I must say it was not that difficult.
The steps to getting your book publish is not too daunting, but there are steps which much be done before you get it on the many different publishing platform.
a) What is the finish book size that you are aiming for(eg; 5x8 or 6x9 etc.
b) Who are your audience (that will also help in determine your book size)
c) Ensure that your manuscript is properly done according to the standard of the publishing house platform that you decide to use.
d) Ensure that it is professionally edited, (either by a reputable online source or by someone you can reach out to and have one to one communication throughout the editing.) I chose the latter because I wanted to feel intimate with my books.
e) Amazon provides ISBN however I went ahead and applied for ISBN through my local library service.
f) Do remember that your book cover says a lot ,(ensure that the cover tells a story). You can either use designs on your favourite website or get a graphic artist to design . I chose the later because I wanted it to capture my own thoughts.
Having done all of that and feeling satisfied with the results you are now ready for the next step.
Amazon: Establish your account on that platform and it is a simple step by step process where you would need to upload both the manuscript and the book cover according to their specifications.
They will review in a few days and inform you via email whether it needs to be trimmed or not to fit their specifications.
Once that is done it is uploaded on their platform and viola your first book is on.
You use the same step by step format through Amazon to load your kindle version( The option pops up and you choose whether you want hard dopy, paperback or ebook).
Hope this information helps. Please let me know and you can also reach out via email and appointments on this platform.

Success is those consistency even when it seems like it is not working. You first must believe in you and believe in the product that you are marketing. Sell yourself first. How confident are you in the product you are offering? As a consumer would you buy it if you saw it in the market? If you would I know you would post it on Facebook book. Instagram and all the other media platform.
Use the same and promote your product

You can't start a business without taking stock or having an inventory. You must know what is the capital you are investing in the business both in cash and in fixed asset. What stock are you transferring to help the start up. That's how you will be able to ascertain if you are operating at a profit or loss.
I would suggest you create a ledger (a book) where you list every dollar that you are putting in. This should include petrol, stationary, salary etc. Keep your receipts because every expenditure must be accounted for .
I would also suggest that since you are new at it set your inventory schedule where you can do regular stock count. This would give you a clear understanding and an early sign when things are not going as planned.
Hope this help. I would love to have a further dialog with you. Fell free to schedule a call so both of us could discuss further.

I agree with what my fellow experts have already said however i will add one more thing.
Whilst i like a few of the templates from some of the websites i find that they are generic and everyone uses them. That for me does not give me the flair, style and uniqueness that i want to convey.
For that reason I have been doing something different. I have already authored 2 books and what I did was got a graphic artist to design my own image that I have created. That way I own the copyright , have my own brand and have the option to tweek it accordingly.
When I do that i actually feel that I have accomplished something and that my brand has a stamp on the internet.
Since your business is going to be ongoing and will gain momentum why not get a software like Adobe Indesign and make yourself flexible to learning. I am trying my hand at that myself

Brand..brand..brand. People go for quality brand. What are the top brand in kitchen appliances. I worked in a retail industry for almost 40yrs and I can tell you that persons go for brand, features and benefits.
What can the product do for them? How will it stand up in the market? What is the life span ? Are you only giving them the manufacturers warranty or are you able to sell them an extended warranty with the product?
You must do your research on the products so you know with confidence that the product can stand up to what you say it can do for them.
You are going to have different types of clients and depending on their needs. You should know say for instance: is a GE product more efficient than a Whirlpool or Frigidaire etc.. What is the manufacturers warranty on rust?.
Hope this was helpful, you may schedule a call if you wish to discuss further.

There are ways and means of arriving at a cost that is beneficial and gives you tangible profit. In terms of hard product say furniture , appliances etc I am going to take you to a principle in marketing known as loss leading. This is where you look at the purchase price of the product and then check your competitor's price. You are prepared to create a price which is less than your competitor but enough to give you a good profit, thereby taking the lead in price market . This is a really good strategy if you purchase items in bulk or wholesale where you get them at a cheaper rate.
Another way to mark up your pricing is. The cost price plus your time plus the margin of profit you have in mind. When you have created that price you need to also match your competitor to see if you are on par, below or above. If it is above and you are satisified that you want it to stay at that price you must prove to your buying public why they should purchase your product above the other person's when it is the identical thing being offered. At this point you must be prepared that areas such as customer service is way above the competitor. I personally will buy something even if it is more expensive as long as I am receiving excellent customer service. Other areas to look at is the whole feel and ambiance that I get when I zoom into your business.
If it is an intangible service that you are offering you must be able to measure it by the passion that you have for it. That passion will drive you for excellency and professionalism.
Barber and hair salon: Measure this by the price margin within your area. Considering all the products you are using and create your price margin. Try to stay within that or just a little above.
In all these set up , never forget that your business reflects you and persons are looking for quality to go with the quantity. Don't short change them. Give value for money

Wow! Good question. The way is endless and could yield you so much. Think of innovation and creativity. These are just some ideas that I used and it worked and cost less and yield much profit. Depending on where you are some might not work but for what it's worth give some a try. Crowd gathering would have been ideal, but since we are in a pandemic try some of the others. Depends on how wide you intend your product to go, how far will you go.
a) Posters and flyers distribution.
b) Use your directory and connect either through phone, email or drop off.
c) Sample products to prospected clients.
d) Parish to parish, city to city or state to state drive through promotion.
e) You can put an advert on your vehicle with all the details.
There are other creative methods. Try these and let me know.
Thanks for using this forum

For a business that does not yet exist you would have to put a projection in your business plan. Then put what tool you would use to create the traction that will generate the sales.
A traction is therefore what you will or are using to create the traffic to your product. How well are your clients buying into the product and what success are you seeing from what you have been putting out.
From what I am understanding from traction it would means that your product would have to be off the ground already .
As a retail branch manager for almost 40 yrs I had to create branch marketing that would generate the sales to give my branch the profit that was projected for the period.
Some of the things you can look at to create that traction is
a) Discount on particular product/products for a specific time.
b) Cold calls with specific follow up schedule
There are others but feel free to set an appointment.

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