We're offering B2B services in a niche market that has very low search volume. Therefore SEO strategy & PPC weren't effective. Right now, we're heavily depending on Facebook Group & Linkedin Group to promote our contents (articles & ebooks). However, the traffic isn't good enough. Can you give some advice to overcome this situation?

Without knowing what you're doing, it is hard to tell you how to improve it.
Discounting SEO strategy and PPC because of low search volumes is kind of throwing the baby out with the bathwater, likely, *someone* is searching for your services (otherwise, perhaps it is time to consider a new service).

If the market is enough to justify your entire business plan, there is enough to justify a targeted marketing plan.

I'm happy to discuss the details and learn more of what you have done, and are doing now, to attract traffic - then offer suggestions on how to improve.

All the best,

Answered 4 years ago

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