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Hello! My name is Shaun Nestor. I help smart leaders and entrepreneurs who feel lost, overwhelmed, or frustrated by all of the challenges of running a business. I bring clarity and organization to leaders who want to position their companies for success in the future. Are you struggling with how to prove the value of your service? Are you getting paid what you're worth? Are you pitching your products in a way that makes the client beg to sign on the dotted line? I know where you are coming from! I have operated my own agency for over 15 years and have experienced the same pains. Let me encourage you: there is a way to reach your goals and have peace of mind to grow your brand. I train multi-person agencies, freelancers, and independent consultants who want more and are willing to work to achieve it. If you don't have a clear process for setting client expectations early, getting paid what you're worth, or proving your value, I want to help you. Drop me a note today:

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Hey there - it would be helpful to learn a little more about the specifics you are looking for.

But, as I understand it, you are wanting to contact those who have booked time with you before and request a review?

Depending on how long it has been (thus the "depth" of the relationship), you can message them here on Clarity. If you have the time and desire, you can also seek them out on LinkedIn and connect with them there to request a review.

I hope this helps!

Keep in mind - your goal should be to always strengthen the relationship mutually, not seek them out (or stalk them) for your own benefit.

All the best,

Great question! Each expert sets their own rate. When a client books a call, they enter the estimated length of call (generally around 30 minutes) and know the estimated amount they will be billed.

Once the call is over, Clarity calculates the actual length of call in minutes, multiplied by the expert’s rate. Clarity takes a 15% cut of the fee for their service and the expert collects the rest.

I hope this helps! Good luck on building your consulting business here!

What are you looking to do?

I am a fan of MeetFox for scheduling and billing for 1:1 coaching sessions.

For training software, there are a million options depending on what you need. I am playing with Wishlist Member right now. Teachable is a decent option for getting started quickly and inexpensively.

Let me know what - specifically - you're looking for and I can probably recommend something more fitting.

It is possible to replace the theme name with your company name within the source code - but why?
Branding your company and creating engaging content will be far more beneficial than swapping out a theme name for your company.

It has been my experience that, since purchased Clarity, the site has been abandoned.

I have gotten no support and, from the looks of it, the site is no longer being supported or improved upon.

Is there something the community can help you with?

This is obviously a very complex, detail-based case. Possibly involving legal ramifications.

I'm not sure you will find many experts or consultants willing to volunteer their time providing clarity or direction, in this case. I would recommend seeking two or three consultants and retaining their services.

There is obviously much more to this case - and many unanswered questions - in your written scenario. Any advisor would need several series of question and answer sessions to do their due diligence and give you actionable advice.

On the surface, however, nothing you stated appears to be a brand-ending problem. If Tylenol can recover from a tampering episode resulting in the deaths of those using their product, your client will be able to navigate this, as well.

All the best,

How do you define “the next level“? Start with asking your current customers for referrals. If you are serious, offer them a discounted or free service for every neighbor they refer. I guarantee they will start talking to their neighbors about their yard guy.

If you are interested in more commercial projects, your best bet is to make friends with those in the industry. Many times, smaller commercial projects are owned by individual investors. By searching through public record, you can often identify their holding companies and spot clusters of small commercial units in a geographical area. Getting one of these often leads to servicing their entire portfolio.

All the best,

In truth: it sounds like you are attracting too many bottom-feeders. Additionally, the attitude of, “just taking a couple of courses” is a little bit shortsighted if you plan to tackle any of these like a professional.

Professionals understand that their work is never truly done; also, they’re always looking at ways to improve - not only themselves - but also the industry. “A couple of courses” is simply regurgitating something that someone else has already discovered and distilled into a simple, easy to understand lesson. You are willingly positioning yourself as a replaceable widget.

I’m sorry to hear that you may be living out of your car. I cannot even imagine how that must feel. However, without even knowing you, I believe that you have innate skills and abilities that you can put into practice. What are you already good at? What do people already come to you and ask? What expertise do you have currently? For what are you recognized in your current circle of influence?

You have a limited runway – meaning the time before you face “the end“ - so I would advise that you focus more on what you’re already good at to earn the money to keep you out of the Car Motel.

I have invested in both the Instagram publishing business and the video editing/production business. Standing out in the Instagram community will be very difficult, and is often considered a commodity. That means you are in a race to the bottom in terms of competition and price. Given what you’ve told us about your financial situation, I don’t think it is in your best interest to go this route unless you can establish yourself as a true expert and professional.

The same is true for the video editing and production. Our team was already highly regarded and recognized in the industry. This it allows us to charge top-dollar and choose the clients we want to work with. When you don’t have this built up already, you are hustling against other companies that will foolishly charge far less than you can to do more or less the same thing. Again, a race to the bottom leaves no winners.

Identify what you are already recognized for and suck it up until you have the means to pivot and do something that you truly enjoy that earns you a fair compensation.

Your question is quite sparse on details. Without knowing what you're currently doing, it is impossible to say how you can do it more accurately.

Additionally, we have no idea what your business is, what your key success indicators are, what your goals and plans are, or how your business is structured.

Without a great deal of information, it is impossible to give you a reasonable response.

If you'd like to discuss in more detail, schedule a call with me or one of the other experts.

All the best,

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