I've started a 1-person freelance marketing business and feel overwhelmed offering so many services I've started a marketing service offering everything to everyone who will pay. Only working with a few small clients so far and already starting to dread going into work. They need everything from Facebook ads, Instagram, to SEO, to Twitter, Pinterest, Google Local, article writing, press releases, email newsletters. I feel overwhelmed offering too much. If I just picked one service would that be better in the long run? Or do marketing services need to offer many different services in order to survive? Im afraid if I offered only say Pinterest Marketing, then I wouldn't be a success because Im so limited. I'm not interested in creating a mega-marketing agency, I just want a nice small service helping customers and working for myself, but in a happy way.

Hello! Thank you for reaching out to us here, I launched a consulting business almost 10 years ago to leverage my Masters in Strategy and experience with several successful startups. I merged business coaching with marketing and for the past 9 years have been helping small-large organizations globally. All clients are acquired through zero cold calling.

I have learned through the years to ask, what is your experience level? Did you take a course on marketing and are now launching a business or do you have a degree or relevant networks that can boost your launch? - This is important for you to answer honestly because the digital marketing industry has become really crowded, marketing has become jargon for anything that has to do with sales, advertising, networking and marketing. So don't get fooled by the word marketing, make a plan on how you advertise your clients' services, but you can also use that yourself.

I think the experience question is relevant for you because as an SEO expert as you mentioned you were since you offer the service, I would expect you have a decent traffic to your website from the right prospects, and if you are an experienced or actual marketer - you would know just how to create a funnel system for your website so that you are capturing leads as much as possible - telling you just what services are being requested the most by your prospect audience. If this sounds brisk, I apologize; I just want to make sure my thoughts are clear on the how you can approach and where your level of value might be which could lead you to offer a limited number of services that you are also 100% awesome at, because your initial clients can be a great source of validation and the last thing you want is to not deliver and delight.

As a marketer and strategist, I can guarantee you that having a niche is more beneficial than offering many services.

I wrote an answer to a similar question here on clarity, find it here:

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If you want a call, I can give you a VIP link for a free consultation. Best of luck!

Answered 4 years ago

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