Basically my cofounders and I have an idea that we think is really good and while we have all some background in programming our knowledge is not specific or deep enough to allow us to build our own MVP. We do not want to give up equity and have cash from previous projects that were not tech firms. Answer Request

This is an awesome question! As a fellow entrepreneur and strategist I can tell you that this is way more common than you may expect. I think social media and public figures like Gary V and the like have built sense of quick scalability by simply getting going and that is simply not the case. In fact many tech startups aren't founded by programmers they are ideated by entrepreneurial minded individuals who through trial and error find their CTO and manage to build MVPs to promote and validate.

With that said, the startups that do find themselves pitching to investors, aside from being lucky, are in the driver seat when it comes to validating your own efforts - even if that decision was to outsource to India. As long as you have an ability to make quick adjustments to your code and pivot as needed, launch test campaigns and measure everything as far as the product itself - you should be fine with angel investors and some VCs.

I decided to respond to your question here, because through our team, BetaBulls has been helping startups for several years now with MVPs, mobile apps and custom software solutions for medium sized businesses. In fact it has gotten to the point where 3 out of 10 startups founded in the U.S. by non-techy founders hire Beta Bulls as their interim CTO. If you're interested in more information please message me or visit :)

Answered 4 years ago

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