We've been working on an online platform for college peer tutoring ( We have a solid team that has been talking to users, iterating, and pivoting for 2 years, but we're not getting nearly the growth or engagement we would need to create a sustainable business. We've gone the B2C route creating a university-specific marketplace where tutors set their own rates. We've added an on demand feature where students can be matched with a tutor at their university in minutes. We've tried licensing the platform to schools and have 5 B2B contracts with universities. We've tried a subscription model and focusing our marketing on parents. Nothing seems to yield promising engagement, growth, or signs of product-market fit. Everyone talks of the entrepreneur who never gives up but how do you know when your idea is flawed and it's time to start anew instead of spinning your wheels? Or if it perhaps really is a lack of product market fit and another pivot is in order.

There are so many possibilities that come to mind, without knowing a lot more about what has lead you to this point, it is hard to offer any actionable advice.

The first place I would start investigating is the top of your sales funnel. Are you getting students? Are they just not converting? Are schools just not interested (I don't see this as a viable avenue, but it would be good to know).

Are tutors signing up? Are they showing up?

You explained a couple different pricing models, none of that matters if no one is coming to the party.

I'd be happy to help investigate this and offer insights. If you'd like, schedule a call and we can get started.

All the best,

Answered 6 years ago

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