I have +3 million active mobile users (android) in the middle east and most of them are from Saudi Arabia. I'm monetizing using Admob ads because of its global reach and other ad networks don't have high fill rates in Middle east countries. My apps show about 100 Millions Ads monthly and 30% of them is monetized by ads and 10% is used for cross promoting of my new apps. 60% is not utilized. I'm thinking to focus on creating Car Dealer mobile application , then website, for Saudi Arabia because I'm sure I can reach to 1 million Saudi users (during one year) and monetize it in better way for local car sellers and Car agencies. Is it a good idea?

This is a great idea! You are essentially guaranteeing our success by providing the demand search capability that users will build for you to promote to car dealers. Having the search traffic, it would be extremely beneficial for dealers to want to partner with you. You can go a bit further and provide with them the yelp model so they in return help you by pulling their own traffic to your app thus monetizing from both traditional ads and paid dealer memberships.
You can also simply offer white label services to dealers.

Great entrepreneurial spirit! Love it!
Humberto Valle #Unthink

Answered 7 years ago

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