I am looking to raise money for my industrial electronics startup. What are the must-read books for first-time fundraisers?

I don't know if I would suggest a book on "fundraising" because this is a situation in which personality, quality of team, execution and overall market potential play a determinant role in you getting funded.
I've read a lot of books! I mean really a lot!! Mainly because i enjoy it, but the books that have helped me most as entrepreneur aren't even entrepreneur guide books.

What you seem to need is a resource that can help you shape your mentality into the right approach to pitching. Check out my blog: there I have some books listed, among them is one I honestly love and currently rereading for my 4th time: Presentations Secrets of Steve Job. This book helped me secure half a million in my first try.
It did take me a few versions and a lot of time practicing and desiging my pitch but it worked. And that's what you need, results not generic motivators that are written to sell books but not give you tangible rules and tools.

Answered 7 years ago

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