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College Prep Specialist, consultant, advocate, speaker, scholarship judge, and professional trainer. The featured speaker for the NACAC virtual college fair "Scholarship" workshop. Chairperson of the Philadelphia National Fair, Trainer for NACAC Chairperson orientation, Advisory Board member of the Philadelphia College Prep Roundtable. Invited to be a college funding expert for the Experian Paying for College Twitter Chat event. Recognized by my peers with the Gary M. Kelsey human relations award for commitment and passion in higher education.

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Read Entrepreneur magazine - the September 2019 edition. The issue "Young Millionaires" was all about young business owners all under age 20. They were not all from wealthy families either. Most had an idea or solved a problem and started selling or promoting.
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I think I great way to start thinking is back to the basics. Setting a firm foundation first helps you to nail your launch/relaunch.

-What issue or problem does your business solve?
-Who needs your solution?
-Where are those people/ businesses- where do they go, what information platforms do they interact with, who do they seek advice from?
-How do you get your message specifically to those people?
-Who else is out there claiming to solve the problem - your competition?
-What value can you provide that your competition does not provide, or how do you provide it better or more unique in that space?
-What do your current customers say about you (and your competition / other business in that space?

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