I plan to build a mobile application on all platforms which serves up results based on the location of the user. I have checked the following: phonegap,bootstrap,appgyver,ionic.

I dove into Appcelerator Titanium as a novice developer with very little experience in Javascript. I put an app in the Apple App Store within a few months by working nights and weekends. If you (1) want to write code, (2) want a native app, and (3) don't have prior experience with Objective C or Java, OR (4) want to write less code and deploy faster, then I recommend Titanium. If you (a) don't want to touch the code, (b) have some compelling feature that requires lower-level access than what is offered by Titanium (I don't know what this might be), or (c) have significantly more experience with a relevant programming language and don't want to learn Javascript, then there are surely more appropriate alternatives.

Answered 8 years ago

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