The answer, like so many things, would be "it depends". In addition to what others have referenced in their answers before me, I would add too that looking to find that "technical co-founder" can be a very involved and drawn-out process (as perhaps it should.) So if acceleration to market is something you are keen on attaining, then hiring a technical co-founder may not be the best path. You dont want to force yourself into a position where you are giving equity or major $$$ away to someone who isn't fitting with your long-term vision (or that you arent certain is at least at that point.) furthermore, recruiting a quality technical co-founder may be difficult if you are pre-funded and pre-application launch. Developers and engineers, by trade, like to avoid remedial work (like we all do for that matter) the more senior in an organization they go. While they might value having involvement in the architectural blueprinting of the application, the grunt work of delivering the MVP may be something they'd prefer to avoid. Plus, oftentimes finding a "full stack" technical co-founder can be expensive or difficult because of the high demand and relative low supply of engineers who are versed in all of the facets of programming or design that your MVP may require.

There are several other factors to consider that would be specifically unique to your circumstances (local talent availability, your person background/network, funding status etc.) To give you a more definitive suggestion would require going through the technical and functional requirements (as well as resource realities in terms of budget and timeline) - feel free to click on the link and request a call and we can quickly walk through your needs and layout the pros/cons of what direction you may want to consider moving in going forward.

Answered 6 years ago

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