Is cold calling ineffective versus leveraging a social media platform like LinkedIn for getting in the door? How can an emerging business leverage Clarity or LinkedIn to find connectors willing to make introductions?

Inbound marketing is currently the greatest ROI method of generating demand for your offering. This really boils down to putting out high authority content through Search and Social channels so you can start to engage with prospects and steer them inwards to your automation system. From there lead nurturing takes over to heighten their trust and knowledge to create sales ready leads.

Cold calling is a low ROI method and really only works well with highly targeted segments from our experience. LinkedIn is good for B2B and strategic B2C. Partner Marketing can help to create ongoing lead flow of high quality if done right.

You may call me if you want specifics on your situation. More detail from you will allow for a more relevant answer.

Answered 9 years ago

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