Live commerce is getting popular these days, what exactly is Live commerce and how will affect online marketplaces?

Live commerce is a business that uses online and on-site activity to sell products and services.

Some of the key features of live commerce include:
- Customers can access and purchase products on-demand.
- The salesperson is not on the premises.
- The customer does not have to leave home

Live commerce is the new frontier of online marketplaces. It is making online marketplaces more engaging and interactive, where customers can purchase products and services in real-time, instead of just buying them after they are done.

I think that the impact of live commerce will be quite big on online marketplaces. It is because it will help companies to increase their customer base and improve the overall experience of customers by making use of technology such as chatbots and virtual assistants.

Online marketplaces are now shifting from a one-way process, where products and services are sold through websites, to two-way platforms where buyers can buy things right away and sellers can manage their products and services using chatbots.
The impact of live commerce will be seen in all aspects: delivery times, payment methods, marketing efforts etc. Online marketplaces like Amazon India have already started integrating with various ecommerce companies such as Uber for deliveries. This means that you no longer need to wait for your items to reach you; they can be delivered instantly! And if you don't want them anymore, you can return them easily without having to do anything about it! All this has made shopping more convenient than ever before!

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