It's very easy to start an online business from anywhere in the world. It will take time to grow and become profitable, however the startup costs are minimal. It all starts with a social media presence in my opinion. I personally know several people who have started their own successful service-based businesses online without having their own website. These people started on a single social media platform and expanded over time.
Service-based businesses have significantly less startup costs when compared with product-based retail, as there is no shipping or inventory involved. They are ideal for reaching an international audience due in part to the absence of shipping needs. It is possible to start a business with nothing but a Facebook or Instagram account, certain skills and an internet connection.
To get started, I would suggest studying a niche skill and becoming excellent at it. This skill can be anything of value to others, such as learning to be a life coach or hypnotherapist. Next, begin learning about digital marketing. During this time, use the marketing skills to build your social media following. Before you start charging for your services, it's important to obtain any required business licenses.
When you have a steady following, you can start offering 'free samples' of your service and create a demand for it. Introduce your regular prices at this time as well, so that potential clients know what to expect after the trial period ends. Build rapport with all of your clients to encourage them to return for future sessions. Once you have a good sized following, 'rinse and repeat' what you did on another platform. You can do this across several social media platforms over time to increase brand awareness and reputation, all with minimal investment and no personal website. Once you are established on two social media platforms, making a professional website for your brand is a good idea to increase credibility, although it's not required.
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Answered a month ago

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