I have an industry-specific concept for a platform where users can create their own profiles/websites. There are so many of them out there these days, but big names would be like AirBnB, GoodDog (for breeders), real estate sites, or even like people have their own profiles here at Clarity. Something where users can log in to their own admin and create their profile/sites based on an established template, but they can customize with their own color scheme, upload their own images, fill-in-the-blank content, etc.. Before I start finding Clarity experts to help me find time the concept and the technology behind it, I'm first trying to figure out what open-source codebase would be used to create something like this? WPMultisite? A membership site? Or something like a Drupal or Joomla backend? Just trying to wrap my head around the big picture before looking for experts to help it come to reality.


Yes WP Multisite if you want separate sites per person (i.e. per profile), but if you basically want a Membership/ listing site, like AirBnB with profiles, there are a few good ways to do this. The main one is to use custom fields on a dashboard so the users can easily change their profile, colours etc. without much effort.

I was going to do something similar called ArtBnB with which artists can go and stay places (with other artists), I think it was a concept by a Finnish artist. I didn't do it in the end, but to try and help you get your head around this;
Wether you want to create a niche microsite that your users pay for each month i.e. a nihce blog, a full online service, or a listing site for whatever concept you have, that sends you a percentage of the payment when rented (via Stripe), there is absolutley a way to do it, and without paying ridiculous monthly fees.

Please do contact me if you would like to have a further discussion or potentially I can work with you, to help make your project work. I have experience in this, and an unlimited license for a particular WaaS software that I think would help if you want to do what I am imagining.

Answered 9 months ago

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