I am open to any solutions to find neccesery money to start business , independent business by joining one Personal Development company.I am truly passonate about this and any advice is very much welcome.Thank you.


My name is Mauricio and I currently work in both the private and government sectors. I have experience starting up my own business by leveraging owned assets. I am currently licensed as a real estate professional and I am in the process of obtaining my mortgage lending license.

Depending on what your needs are in regards to loans, there may be a lot of options for you. Based on your question, I believe the type of loan you are looking for is a private loan. In today's economic climate there are several opportunities for entrepreneurs who are looking to start their new business. Depending on your needs and timing, there may be better options for you. When it comes to loans and private investors, the higher the risk for the investor, the more they are going to want to seek from the person requesting the loan, I.E. higher interest rates, royalties, or even a percentage of your business.

Here is a link to an online article that may have some good information for you to research.

I hope this information helps you and if there is any other questions you may have please feel free to give me a call.

Answered 2 months ago

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