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There are countless ways to make money online. I feel like one of the best places to begin is by starting a blog. This will require some effort initially, but it's a great way to gain followers and attention. Try to write a blog post daily, or at minimum three times a week. After about a month, you can begin focusing on social media under your blog's name. Again, try to ensure that you have daily content consistently. Start putting a face to the blog, by sharing videos, pictures and other types of content besides just writing. At this point, you should have amassed a decent following, and can shift your focus to monetization.
I feel like affiliate marketing is one of the best strategies for building passive income online. You can write a few more blog posts, each with an affiliate link to a product or service (just make sure to write a disclaimer at the top!) You can begin doing the same thing to your social media posts, by adding relevant affiliate links. Some social media platforms offer financial incentives to their influencers, so if you have enough followers you can look into this and perhaps begin earning commissions on your content.
Alternatively, you could look for remote work online. Many data analyst, coding and website maintenance jobs are completely virtual, although they can be rather difficult to get. There are a lot of classes online that teach the skills necessary to get these types of jobs. Teaching your own class online is another accessible way to start making money online without having to attract a following.

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