I'm starting a directory that lists dropshipping, reselling, turnkey and private/white label business opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs and side hustlers. Should I charge the supply side to list on the platform Charge users to access the details Charge a commission for successful purchases made on the platform Or are there other ways to monetize this?


I feel like another method of monetization would be to charge a fee per job that is accepted by the freelancers using your site. That way, the website remains accessible to everyone and offers incentives for both the suppliers as well as the 'consumers'. Many aspiring entrepreneurs are lacking startup capital, so charging a monthly or yearly fee may prevent them from using your site. Additionally, newer companies often have a higher risk factor, which is another reason that charging a subscription may ward off potential clients.

Instead of charging a percentage 'per purchase', you could charge a flat rate per referral; for example, $0.60 per job or item sold. This way the startup costs are very low (almost nonexistent), there are no additional fees to suppliers and potential entrepreneurs can access the website freely. You'll still earn a commission, which can scale as the business grows.

Of course, diversifying your revenue could be a great course of action, perhaps combining the commission structure with a small fee for suppliers. Charging the fees upfront rather than at the end can provide greater security for your business.
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Answered 3 months ago

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