Having a reliable schedule is important in building your follower base, especially initially. Try to have daily content on your page, and set up periodic participatory posts (such as a question or challenge) in addition to the daily content once you reach at least 50 followers.
Having something to look forward to can also help increase views and participation, such as "Funny Friday" or "Sassy Saturday". Service-based giveaways (not physical items) are also a good way to increase followers, but these should be done sparingly and without expectation. Also, having an incentive for the giveaways is important, such as requiring them to tag or mention you in order to be eligible for whatever you're giving away. Last but not least, make sure your daily content is entertaining, informational and not overly promotional, especially in the beginning.
Menashe Head Of SEO @

Answered 3 months ago

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