1. We currently have graphic design, content creator , freelance media buyer and both founders are handling marketing work 2. It is difficult for us to hire oversea marketing agency because of our business is currently serving all Chinese clients and we need to localize the material. 3. We need help to create strategy and execution . Can any expert guide us with team building and how can we scale from here ? I feel like we are lost in direction .

Best approach.

Avoid teams + Keep all profits yourself.

My rule is, "If I can't automate a task in software, then I abandon the task."


Anytime you involve humans... the algorithm becomes...

Staff != Scaling

Said differently, the more layers of humans involved in any business process, there is no scaling.

You can't have scaling with humans... or if you can, you'll now have a full time job managing humans, rather than spending your profits.

If you can't figure out how to scale (meaning 0 staff + 0 overhead), best you hire someone who does understand this to design a scaling strategy for you.

My personal rule...

"A good business is one that can run without any humans, except me... so automagick (zero staff)... Marketing, Sales, Ordering, Fulfillment, Support, Billing, Accounting."

Also, "Billing means daily/weekly/monthly recurring transactions".

To me....

Real Money == Recurring Income

Answered 7 months ago

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