We have several patents that will be used in our 3 startups, plus we have plans to apply for these patents in other projects. We'd like to transfer patents to the forming companies free of charge and without restrictions of using within company.

Separate patents required to be filed for each country where the protection is required. It is something with which the business esteem is connected. Insuring the intellectual property is also a common norm since it is an asset. One of the quintessential business components is to have IP protection a part of budgeting and business plan as well. Subsequently, a large portion of the estimation of a start-up, for the most part, gets from their IP rights. It has been assessed that on the normal, over 80% of the estimation of a new business depends on their IP portfolio. Unless your start-up offers something that has zero creation costs, you will need to tighten the pocket heavily even to make start making profits. Another aspect that the businesses do not consider is the cost associated with not taking proper care of the intellectual properties.
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