I’m trying to build a website where when someone wants to buy a product they can choose what they want. Like for example snow globes. If i was selling custom made snow globes and had different items to choose from like the shape of the globe, the colors inside the globe, the decorations, etc. which website builder can add all those little things to it?? So it it asks which globe design would you like? A, B, or C. Then which color would you like inside? ( 2 options) option one. ( list of colors) option two. (List of colors) etc. almost like a pizza order app or something.

To understand your need well, let's rephrase. You need to build a website where you'd want to market customized snow globes (or other product). The end goal is also to sell.
What you'll need is to build a workflow for each of the product you wish to market which includes the base product, and then one or more customizations. Also I believe your products and customizations will change over time and you'd want a way to make those changes yourself.

If yes, please explore Woocommerce for wordpress. It's a plugin for wordpress that'll allow you to build end to end ecommerce site.

Refer this tutorial

Answered 2 years ago

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