I run a high volume custom design e-commerce company, producing upwards of 3000 designs daily, all by hand. The design phase is very costly and time-consuming and we would like to automate it in 2021. I am looking for an individual who can point me in the right direction of a company who are capable of producing bespoke AI scripts/tools that could be of some help to us. Thankyou

Sure this is easy.

You'll require a massive amount of cash. If you have to ask "how much cash", then you won't explore AI.

Once you've determined your AI tech, then you'll go through a multi-year process of Knowledge Acquisition, where you extract knowledge of your entire manual process from every person engaged in the current manual process.

Begin training your neural nets.

After a few years... to a decade... you'll have a Poe'esque (Ala "Altered Carbon") level AI to do your graphic design for you... auto-magically...

I remember going through this process at MCI Telecommunications years ago.

Fairly straight forward.

Just took $1,000,000s of hard cash over a 10+ year period to convert their switching tech to AI'esque style logic.

Answered 2 years ago

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