There are tons of ways and you have to start without worrying how it would end. Also i am giving a very general answer since I do not know anything from your background.

Few things you can choose from:

1. Real Estate: Learn how accounting works for real estate and how you can buy properties without any cash. Learn how you can partner with someone for equity deals. Learn how comparable work and how big multifamily deals are funded. Learn about how whole sailing works. You can also do apartment referrals to start making some money.

2. Stock market: First figure out the scam and open a small account and learn how to trade stocks. Do not lose big. Start small and lose small. Understand the psychology of traders who are taking other side of the trade.

3. Get education in a high paying sector. Currently it is either in coding or in some kind of handyman job (plumber) a bootcamp to start earning income and start saving some money for real estate deals or stocks. Note there are coding bootcamps which do not charge any money and you pay them based on your future guaranteed salary.

Of course I have not listed 1000's of other was you can make money!

Answered 2 years ago

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