Hi there. I am looking for someone who can advise me on a particular issue I have with a past client. She was terribly difficult to work with, and so we ended up having to fire her as a client about halfway through the project. We canceled the remaining billing, and even gave her a partial refund. Many months after this I learned she had been disputing / submitting chargebacks against the original payments she made (corresponding to the first half of the project, which was completed). Unfortunately I was not notified about this until after the dispute period (the automatic email they sent me about it went to spam) and so it automatically ruled in her favor. So in effect, she basically used this approach to steal $4,500 from my company, and I'm looking for someone to advise me on possible courses of action here. For example, maybe things like: - filing a lawsuit - threatening her with a letter from a lawyer - some other approach? - I also realized we still have her card on file, and so i think I can try to rebill it again for the same amount, and this time I would have a chance to submit evidence during the likely dispute she will probably try to do again. Is this advisable? Are there any negative legal consequences from using this approach? Overall, would really appreciate for a professional who can advise "here are your options, pros / cons / implications of each, I would recommend X, etc" Thank you

Can you file any sort of appeal or dispute the decision?

Answered 2 years ago

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