I am willing to hire a team to help using $500,000 of my own startup capital. Willing to travel extensively Willing to hire a team in Turkey or the United States. The advantage of Turkey would be that I can hire more skilled workers. I have been a Fortune 500 manager and have lived in Turkey. Europe and am well traveled.

There is a better alternative than Turkey and very close to it, it is Georgia, where there are many advantages for a project like "Textile digital printed and apparel manufacturing factory" such as:
- Government supports investment and you can have a "Free zone" facility.
- Very low costs for: Electricity, Gas, Land and labor force
- Well connected to Europe and USA with free trade agreements. Also, a source for Caucasus area.
Project is a stand alone and needs between 500 sq. m. to 1000 sq. m. max and can be easily upgraded
Only 1 Designer and 2 - 4 workers needed for 1 unit 1 shift.
1 Unit printing production capacity is 60 - 120 linear meters per hour for fabric weight 120 gm per square meter.

Answered 2 years ago

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