I am the owner of a fully patented new harness adjustment system predominantly for strollers. We have a strong proof of concept prototype and the end commitment from some big global stroller brands but we are lacking the final investment, connections and expertise to push us over the line and wondered if there is anyone who knows the baby/infant market inside-out could help? Many thanks, Ali

Hi Ali! Congrats on getting to that point. I have experience in the baby industry- while I can’t help you on the financial aspect I could help with making sure your POV stands out amongst the rest to get that financial backing. I can also tell you that in order to really get some real traction you will need to invest in mommy bloggers. This will require free samples at minimum and having a budget to have them promote all at once. Would love to chat with you if interested in any of the marketing/ branding/ social & digital media aspects. Best, Tiffany

Answered 2 years ago

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