I want to start a platform that helps teens and young adults prepare to navigate the real world - from filing taxes to job interviews, health insurance, renting/buying a place, saving for retirement. We will partner with relevant companies offering insurance, banks, career prep etc. I suppose this would be an affiliate scheme? Or pay to list? Just wondering if there's another way to monetize? Like partnering with companies or unis?

I would not monetize this idea at first. I feel your platform needs to be able to provide this service prior to trying to charge companies to list their services. I feel this way for two reason, I as a customer would not trust the platform as I would believe that it only exists to pressure me to contract the services of the companies that paid to be there. I as a company would not want to put my company's reputation at risk prior to the platform having a good reputation on the market.

Answered 2 years ago

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