Client worries about the impact of this case on the product and on the larger portfolio that the brand represents. Our team wants to help client understand the potential business impact of this court case and suggest what client can do to mitigate any damage with consumers. We're trying to help them focus on: 1) What is our master-brand status looks like? Are we able to identify the impacted equity score and usage base of master-brand and damaged sub-brand separately? 2) To repair damaged brand image, are we able to identify is there any key imagery impacted? If yes, which are the key imageries we must maintain for the long-term brand strategy? Then which imageries should be re-communicated in priority? 3) How should we re-assure our core equity assets and brand offers with authenticity and transparency to consumers through a holistic communication strategy? 4) To reduce existing consumer turnover, are we able to identify our loyal consumers through crisis so that we can make a conscious effort to engage with them to repair the failing brand image? We hope to help client see that with a well-designed communication strategy along with empathetic, honest and efficient manner towards the crisis, recovery of imageries, equity score and sales will be seen over a longer review period. What do you think? Any thoughts?

If your product caused skin issues with a consumer so bad that a court case has been opened it will hurt your brand and store like crazy.

Mainly because this consumer now will leave a bad review, tell all his/her friends about the experience. And believe me future customers will find out what happened.

If your product caused a skin issue with a consumer then you NEED to rethink the product and make it better. Because if it happened to one consumer it is bound to happen to more. Enhance the product, find out what cause the skin issue and make it better.

And honestly I wouldnt work with a client that has this issue because it shows they need to spend a lot more time on the product itself to make it safe for consumers.

Answered 2 years ago

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