I am planning on building a football (soccer) related website that focuses on football culture, the website will target a non-English speaking audience, as part of my research and study I found several English websites that focus on the same sector, one of them is the football version of Bleacher Report, and I noticed that they get massive social media engagement and impressions on their accounts, and I am wondering what is their digital and social media strategy focuses on, it's obvious that they produce a high quality and creative content, but how do they promote it in a way that achieves such a result?

As a FIFA Intermediary myself, B/R is all over social media. Instagram, Twitter, Snap, you can log in with your Facebook account. So it's fair to argue to have an expansive platform. They like platforms in the same ilk like S/B Nation, have grown from the fringes of sports reporting through using its platform in a reciprocal manner in which they actual engage responders to their comments section.
What I think also must be understood is that they like S/B Nation have legitimized themselves by going after not only the freelance reporter but they are now a platform that can bring more established reporters.
I would also research The Athletic its a fairly new platform but they are bringing in well established writers. And one more point they giving their writers very defined pieces of their platform. In other words the has a very defined niche...……….i.e. the writer is there to cover soccer in Seattle, or one of the NFL teams in New York. These writers use twitter to promote themselves and their work but it's also an easy promo for platforms like B/R.

Answered 4 years ago

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