We sell creative design services and have 50/50 serious buyer/shopper that we've been doing proposals for. A lot of people are "waiting for team input", "checking with CEO" , "in a holding pattern" , "gathering info from competitors" , or decided they want our service but are not ready until the product is finished or brand strategy is defined... which could be 2-3 months out. Half have just gone silent. We're regularly following up, trying to find the objections/blockers. Some don't respond at all, half do and say they need a couple weeks. I think the big thing I notice is most of them don't have an actual problem & deadline defined. They just know they need it and want it. Typical sales process is 2 months and involves 1-2 calls. Though lately, that's extending to 2-4 months.

Hi there,

I think there may be an issue with qualification in your process and these prospects you are targeting may not actually be hot leads but people in a research phase. Any qualification process, even simple ones like BANT could give you a better understanding on which leads are closer to making a decision vs. just looking around.

Have these been inbound or outbound leads? How many customers have you closed with the previous 2 month process, and were they inbound or outbound?

I may be wrong, but I believe you are trying to close leads that have not been properly qualified. I would need a bit more background to give you a better answer.

Answered 4 years ago

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