I really love the mobile marketing industry and so I was wondering.... what is the biggest problem that you currently face in relation to taking a brands story and its message into the 'mobile economy'. Would really appreciate your thoughts on the above. Thanks.

For me, and being a developer of mobile apps and websites, it is that most self-proclaimed mobile marketing platforms do not take the mobile target market into account at all and instead, show a regular internet marketing platform but with a "mobile" label.

For example, if I am trying to connect to a brand using social media, the mobile version of that website or the equivalent mobile app should make it easy for me to find Facebook with my mobile device, especially for smart phones where the screen real estate is small.

In other words, mobile marketing strategies should not just take a regular marketing strategy and scale it down to a mobile device the "Mobile" label thrown on it. Marketers should realize that business people and consumers who travel with their mobile devices are an actual market.

What we do for mobile marketing of our clients is create either an app or a responsive web page that detects the mobile device and serves a faster web page that won't kill an iPhone or iPad battery.

Also, since the mobile concept is becoming a lifestyle all of its own, marketers should embrace this as a target market, what the marketing industry calls "psychographic" and cater to that target market, but most mobile apps and websites fail to do that.


Answered 9 years ago

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