I'm interested in learning about acquiring companies, adding value and selling them and I would like to get a better understanding of what business buyers are looking for and what they will pay. Not the theoretical stuff in a text book but what actual people are buying right now. I have done research and I hear of different multipliers based on EBITDA - with the more systematized the business and the future prospects looking stable the higher the multiplier.

My entire practice is built around helping people buy and sell their own business.
I've been working in this field since 2008.
If you come over to you'll find over 300 blog posts on buying, selling, financing and managing SMEs with links to playlists which now have over 250 FREE videos on these subjects. Also, dozens of links to interviews on podcasts that I've done on these subjects.
To learn more about buying a business, I recommend my online course at . To learn about selling, visit where you'll also find an online course as well as a free download and links to my best-selling book called 'How To Sell My Own Business.'
To learn about improving a business to make it more valuable, visit
Right now I've got 7 books on Amazon along these topics as well.

And if you ever want to discuss a particular opportunity that you find, just arrange a call.

David C Barnett

Answered 5 years ago

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