Hello, We had a few startups before, one was successful and another was a failure. For the past 10 months our developers have been working with new SaaS project. SaaS is new experience for us.- cloud based call - contact centre software. Our clients are call centres and enterprise companies who have contact departments for making/answering the calls. Similar to We started with sales and marketing 2 months ago and now we received first feedback from our clients. They like the software, but they are asking for more functionality. It would take another 2 months to code what they ask for. So in total it would take us 6-9 months from now to start generating at least $15k in revenue after we get our fist clients and then we can seek for investment and start growing. We are wondering if it is worth our time to continue with this project considering it would take a lot of time to make first sales and there's already a lot of competition. Also, I am not sure about the future, because there are a lot of similar projects already and I am not sure if we could offer something radically new. We don't want to be just another ordinary software in the field. Maybe we should invest our time and money into something that could potentially be worth much more. Thanks

Without fully diagnosing the market potential of your space it's difficult to say whether to go all-in or change course. It's smart that you're not wanting to the "just another ordinary software", but you don't need to be the best per se. You simply need to be unique - which may prove challenging when providing a utility. If it were me, I would sell what you have like crazy and potentially offer the service at a lower rate to start with based on the expectation to clients that you are in the midst of integrating new improvements. This would allow you to onboard them earlier to generate cash flow, then increase the cashflow once the new features are built in. Since I don't know the full scope of what you're doing I could be off base in that clients either want it all or nothing, but if the latter is not true I would sell, sell, sell and offer unrelenting service which may prove to be part of your uniqueness. Good luck.

Answered 6 years ago

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