I'm developing a new product for home to be used for specific function and with the feature to connect home to smartphones. I'll go to a new market with no competitors but the high probability to have incumbents in less than one year. We have no metrics and no best cases, so we are a bit confused about the first move!

The best way to launch a product is to start promoting it before you release it on the market. Your strategy also should depend of how are you going to sell the product: online or in store.

Lead all of your marketing activities must lead to your website.

Here are some of the things you can do:

Make a good video explanation of the product. Show to people how it works and focus on the problems that it solves for them.

Build a buyer persona focused website. That is extremely important especially if you're selling online. It will skyrock your conversion rate.

Start building a community on the social media. Focus on building relationships with people, ask for their feedback.

Build a PR buzz around your brand. A great service you can use for that is MuckRack. There you can find journalist that are looking to write a story for exatly what you're looking to sell.

Make a keyword research and run some tests with Google Adwords. Make A/B testing with different landing pages to see what works better.

Focus on SEO and content marketing to bring visitors to your website.

If you tell me more, I will be able to help you better with a more concrete advice. I'm open for a free consultation. I'm sending you a VIP key for a free call.

Answered 9 years ago

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