My "pay the bills" job is a Financial Analyst, but my passion for the past 5+ years has been my startup. I've learned so many different skills running my own business from project management, SEO, sales, advertising, growth strategies, programming, localization, etc. but if my startup fails would companies hire / be interested in me for the knowledge I've acquired? I feel I am very knowledgeable in all different aspects of online startups, and can be very helpful to other companies; however, I also get the feeling that businesses would see my failure in my startup as a flaw.

Just because your startup didn’t or won’t succeed doesn’t mean it was a failure or you are. In the start up lifestyle you get to learn things that other individuals at larger corporations don’t. You understand what it is like to raise money, work with little to no money, and really pour your soul in to your company. If your startup comes to an end, many companies would love to hire someone with your passion and who is willing to do the small stuff to get to the top. Entrepreneurs think differently than others so it is great to have that point of view in any office setting. I don’t think you should have a problem finding another job in the start up world or continuing as a financial analyst but many companies would love to have you on their team to bring a different dynamic to their company. If you want to discuss anything further feel free to set up a call with me ☺

Answered 5 years ago

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