I know is very difficult to have such recognition when you are working for a company and you are being paid to give up your name and put the company first. Although I have to say that the most successful companies help their employees to be recognizable, and this is because the company also benefits from it. Remember the long story of Steve Jobs? Such genius couldn’t be hidden for long. If you have the blessing of working for this kind of company that allows you to use your name, then do it. What do you think?.

It's my opinion that establishing a clear personal brand position and strengthening it in the marketplace is an asset to your employer and yourself.

As long as it's not distracting you from delivering on your KPIs, and creating greater positive awareness of your relationship to the business and it's products - you're aiding he business.

Many companies can attribute the success of their traction, market positioning and inbound marketing due to the personal brand of its executives.

As their brand develops, they can become a powerful beacon and voice for the company.

It all comes down to execution, market perception, alignment and positioning.

Answered 6 years ago

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