I am creating a simple service company in Plumbing and Service market, local in Los Angeles, with ready business to be inherited by parent companies. I want to see if I can utilize a crowdfunding platform to raise funds for acquisition of a small, or multiple, operations. We have good return and yield, licenses and we can capitalize, but we would like to test this method for a larger upcoming project.

I am assume you're talking about equity crowdfunding. There are several sites available now for accredited investors, which would be looking for a higher return than you are probably expecting.

After May 16th this type of investing will become available to the general public. The SEC just opened up the window for new websites to register as "intermediaries" so you'll see a lot more coming on line between now and May. Given the description of your business idea, I'd suggest using one of these and trying to attract investors looking to invest in small businesses that are seeking acquisitions.

The SEC guidance is complex (about 685 pages). I would be happy to walk you through it and help you find a site that will work well for you.

Answered 8 years ago

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