Wanting to hear from digital marketing agency gurus out there. Folks who have started and run successful digital agencies. If you could coach your younger self and your younger self was starting an agency from scratch and gaining clients was NOT an issue, what would say to focus on to grow the business as fast as possible, but grow it well? In other words, what are the pitfalls someone without your experience should avoid and what are the shortcuts someone with your expertise would take to grow fast, but still manage clients and provide a great product and great service? Example thoughts would be: 1. Who should be the first real hire? 2. Are there any aspects of digital marketing that should be either avoided altogether or should only be added once a good foundation is set? (i.e. web design/development) 3. What is the best but fair way to secure recurring income while providing value worthy of it? 4. Would you start with outsourcing to India or the Phillipines et al. and if so, what positions are best outsourced to these locations? 5. What are other ways to make sure clients feel taken care of even if you may not yet have the full staff just yet to manage everything on point? So, if you have advice (from legit experience) on how to growth hack a digital agency, l really would love to do a call with you, so whatcha got? :)

I worked from a home office for 8 years before getting an office and hiring w2 employees. I wish I had focused more on systems earlier because I would have more quickly realized that I do not need a centralized office with employees that work in the same building. Though 75% of us work under the same roof, the way we communicate is the same way we would if everybody was located across the world.

Answered 6 years ago

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