Launching a big project across a diverse business that is all about driving high employee engagement, starting with quality two way authentic conversations, especially for line managers

That depends on what is unique and "evergreen" about your approach. A lot of companies exist to encourage conversation in the workplace. I'd focus not on the product's features but on the end result - the benefits, and in particular, the emotional benefits of using the product.

For example, supports conversations but it's not called "Expert chat" - what a boring brand that would be! Instead they have chosen the territory of "clarity", which is the feeling you WANT to have when you have finished using the product. It's the brand's promise. I am willing to speak with an expert, and to pay them, when what I want above all else is Clarity. I could hunt for answers on the internet, but it's often overwhelming with a lot of conflicting advice. When you speak with an expert however you feel a sense of clarity.

So for you, what is the unique value prop? What is the feeling you are promising to create? Happy to discuss. Calls with me are free right now. Give me a ring and we can brainstorm.

- Caneel Joyce,

Answered 5 years ago

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