We've got some traction recently and want to test ways to monetize our mobile app by displaying ads to users without driving them crazy. What is the most acceptable way of displaying ads today? Q1: Would you recommend a good strategy to design a solution that is simple to implement and easy to use for advertisers. Q2: Please share your experience of running mobile ads for paid advertisers and what are must-have features for them. Q3: What mobile ad format is most user-friendly (according to some facts or statistics)?

I use ad monetization tactics to drive revenue for global mobile game brands. (Phase 10, Skip-Bo, Scattergories, etc.)

Finding a way to monetize your users with ads without pushing them away is definitely a delicate balance. Answering your questions depends on 4 main factors: 1) Type of App 2) Number of daily impressions 3) Location 4) Revenue Goals.

There are a number of ways to display ads in your app. Some include; banners, static interstitials, video interstitials, rewarded video and native ads. The most acceptable way to display ads in your app will depend on the factors I stated above.

Are you trying to design your own solution or are you looking to partner with different ad networks (there are hundreds)? It is important to understand the types of partners and what types of ads are right for your App.

I would recommend using an ad network mediation layer when you build your solution so you can 1) increase your fill rate 2) diversify your ad offering 3) simplify your reporting 4) maximize your revenue.

If you would like more specifics just let me know, I would be happy to help you out.

Answered 6 years ago

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