Some of these have been said already, but I think there are a number of ways to stand out as a (to this point) not well known professional. This is basically the strategy I put together and followed to get well known as an SEO and now a growth marketer:

1) Teach others. Start by blogging your experiences and showing them what you are learning and how you are doing it. Don't be afraid to admit your mistakes.

2) Give others tools to succeed. When I was blogging at least twice a week on my personal site, I often would create tools in Google Sheets or elsewhere then give them away for free on my site. People love free things. Do you have an email template that converts incredibly well? Share it.

3) Build friendships online. One of the best ways I've had opportunities open up for me is by engaging with the broader digital marketing community online. This really took off once I started blogging a lot, and then by going to conferences and connecting with others (and writing lengthy recaps which I became known for), then I started getting more followers and making more friends. Many of my best friends now I met through the Internet, specifically Twitter.

4) Speak. Whether you are terrified of speaking or love doing it, this is a great way to build your name as an expert. When you speak at conferences (though you should start at meetups in your area if possible), people then often write about it and mention you online, which keeps that flywheel going. But make sure you have an online presence where they can find you (and subscribe to your email list!)

5) Find distribution channels. There are the usual ones of Twitter/Facebook/etc, but platforms like Medium are also amazing for building your brand and reputation. Medium basically has a built-in RSS feed that emails all of your followers when you've published a post. If a post of yours is popular enough (which you can also help along by emailing your friends and asking them to share it), you may have a publication reach out to you asking to republish it. This is a mega win!

These are hopefully 5 actionable tips for you. Good luck!

Answered 7 years ago

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