I have strong knowledge in the portfolio I am looking at as well as the ability to manage a team effectively. I am unsure about the idea since there are already so many big shot consulting companies. Would I be able to make it in this industry?

Trust me ..It is a blood bath...
Sites like freelancer have already capitalized the labor arbitrage business model..

I joined 2 groups but lacked motivation when it

The only way it would work is
1) Get higher in value chain - Management consulting , roadmaps etc. The labor arbitrage still works there ..

2) Cutting edge and non-commodity services like IoT, Cloud, Hardware

3) Niche technology like NLP (natural language processing), Machine Learning, Computer Vision etc..

Please don't start another website development company using PHP , net .. The world do not need one more..

You still want to start, better have a behance portfolio that is killer quality .. QUALITY IS NEVER CHEAP !!!

Need help in exploring option, feel free to place a call.. and if can'tr afford $, let me know.. will arrange a 30 free call..

Answered 7 years ago

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