The problem is this: the majority of people in North America like to finance or lease things. The whole process of obtaining financing for a vehicle or a boat is not complicated at all, but middle men make it difficult and time consuming. We are developing an application through which people will be able to get the best available rates instead of going to different banks for scheduled appointments with loan reps, which force them to spend their whole day out and eventually get whatever rates are available. Thank you for your opinion.


So ou are building a loan marketplace and instead of being the middle man, be a platform provider.
2 Issues
1) It is a 2 sided market place which are extremenly tought to build
2) This is a Red Ocean with tons of competition and dozens of playes already in.

You should be doing this if you have one of these
1) You have tons of money that gives you a long runway
2) There is an innovative angle to it.. E.g Peer 2 Peer or Micro crowd financing were a novel idea some time back.

I did a random search and there are tons of services that are walking zombies that are in loan for students, house, boats (niches like that) and also based on crowd and p2p.

Having said that, I do not your big idea and vision in detail, So there could be something really unique AND VALUABLE that you are planning to offer..
Happy to talk and idea storm.,.

if you are not in a position to pay, I am more than happy to do a 30 min free call.. Let me know...

Or message me if you have specific question.

Answered 7 years ago

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