I am planning to test an idea in the area of classifieds/aggregation. I want to develop features fast - so that feedback from users can be used to direct the product improvements & features. In that context, I am leaning towards a hybrid application (Using Ionic/Framework7/OneSen UI or similar). I would like to understand the impact of having an hybrid app on user experience. Also as of 2015 - can you not still use Camera & GPS using Hybrid apps? Camera and GPS are features I would like to have in my app for some of the functions. Native is not much of a choice as in the past I have had challenges finding the right people and turning around features fast. Also, we might have a website but most of the features will be driven from mobile only.

I come across this question daily with my clients. From experience, it's usually best to go Hybrid on your first iteration.

It all boils down to validating your product and getting traction. Your quickest way to do that is to put a product out in the market quick.

Most frameworks for Hybrid apps (Phonegap, Angular, Ionic..) are really mature at this point and allow you to build an app at a significant fraction of both cost and time than going fully native.

Once you've validated your idea, if it makes sense to go native (and if it will provide ROI), by all means go native.

Answered 7 years ago

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