We got featured in a few mid-sized tech/gaming blogs, but that won't be enough to take it off the ground. Conversion rate once someone lands on the campaign is ~3%. We got over 600 visits so far in the first 18 hours.

Growing your business can be tough. In the past you cold called, built business networks, and advertised in print. If you were into guerrilla marketing, then creating a PR stunt could work well. Reinventing yourself and your business is becoming mandatory to success as a digital entrepreneur. Traffic is the place where is starts. It should be your marketing machine. This should lead to ongoing optimization of tactics and business tweaks that use the data insights to drive change. Here are some of the tactics that have made a difference. Building an audience there is also an important part of growing awareness and traffic. Sometimes the traffic will surprise you. In September, the 10 top social media marketing trends post received over 5,000 views. Make sure you link back to your blog or website to get more attention and traffic with a simple call to action or even link from your bio at the bottom of the post. Flipboard with over 90 million hist per month is a site that allows you to grow followers. So, create your own Flipboard magazine for your blog. As Flipboard is not just an app now but also on the web. Social media is sometimes seen as a narcissists heaven as it provides global online attention. One of the best ways to do this now is to use a combination of Feedly, Buffer and IFTTT to trigger tweets that when bloggers post content you love and trust it is shared on Twitter. Many people are not sure how often they should tweet. It is a stream of online consciousness. In fact, studies show that a tweet every 15 minutes receives higher engagement than every 30 minutes. Load tweets once and then tweet many times. So, tweet often and use apps to do this for you without having to do it manually all the time. That is why you should write evergreen posts. So your work stays up, so it stays useful to an audience and therefore, a website. Evergreen content maintains authority over time because it continues to be relevant. But turning the appropriate posts into PowerPoints and uploading them to SlideShare can generate traffic and leads. Since I started on SlideShare I have reached nearly 2 million views and from that comes some traffic back to the blog from presentations like this one below which has received over 155, 000 views. Social and other digital marketing in its infancy was all manual but with automation now affordable the best way to scale and test your marketing is to implement a marketing automation software.
Guest blogging is a proven strategy to increase your website traffic. They include a link to their website in the “About the Blogger” section at the bottom of the page, which is fine in theory. Instead, you need to start including links to your website throughout the article itself. These links can drive invaluable traffic while keeping bounce rate down. Most sites that you guest blog on will let you include at least one link to your own website, but there is every chance they’ll let you include two. Just use them wisely and forget about trying to drive traffic via the “About the Blogger” section. Firstly, if you revise an old post, Google will index it again. Secondly, if you revise an old post by improving its SEO and content, Google will revise its ranking and it might rocket it up the SERPs. Google loves fresh content, but it also likes it when you revise old content to provide more value. Lastly, content transformation is one of the easiest but most powerful hacks you can execute for freer website traffic.
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