I have plans to start an online business similar to Retailmenot / Coupons where we will be agreegating coupon codes from different online merchants at website. We are going to start this business from India, where we can see mobile commerce is also picking up. So, what are all the things we should focus for next 3 years with regard to technology, marketing and getting funds for scaling. Revenue source include, advertising and affiliate commission.

One of the largest frustration/gap I see in today's market is: My online journey and coupon aggregation are two different entities and there is nothing that ties them. I am also from India and I see this as a big gap.
For example, if I am searching for pizzahut menu and if I have selected Veg Corn Pizza or something like that, I need to come to a different service to get related coupons. When I come to coupon aggregation service, it lists all coupons related to pizzahut but not to the specific one which I am currently searching for i.e. Veg Corn Pizza.
I see that will be the upcoming innovation to have a seamless experience for end users to effectively derive value out of coupons.
Connect with me over LinkedIn/Clarity, to have a detailed discussion on this.

Answered 8 years ago

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