i just launched an infoproduct that sells for $47 I the fitness niche. Now that the launch is over I want to scale it up via paid traffic but I'm having trouble getting my sales funnel figured out. Does anyone who has sold infoproducts in this price range have advice for on the best sales funnel to scale it up? Thanks :)

Scaling with paid/cold traffic is a very different kind of beast.

Depending on your paid traffic source their motivations and behavior is different than that of a house list or affiliate / JV traffic. Usually paid (cold) traffic is more difficult to convert with a $47 initial offer.

I've had success warming up this type of traffic, with clients of mine, before asking for that level of sale. There are some exceptions to the rule depending on how rabid your market is to buy, but the fitness niche is usually more skeptical.

You can warm them up by starting with an email opt in to a lead magnet then present them with your $47 sales offer, theres a side benefit to this as well.

The other way to warm them up is to start with a survey leading them into a customized VSL to your $47 product. There's also some major benefits here if you segment your traffic right.

As far as after the initial sale in regards to the backend funnel itself my typical flow looks like this:

Sales page > Up Sell #1 > Down Sell #1 > Up Sell #2 > Thank you page. However some of my clients have much more than 2 up sells in place in some funnels.

The trick is that your up sells should flow logically to each other. Meaning make your first up sell a product that gets your target market to their desired solution faster and easier with the up sell.

For your down sell, you can keep the same product / offer but lower the price or offer a payment plan.

Hope this helps, let me know if you have any questions.

Answered 9 years ago

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